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There is something incredibly beautiful and inspiring about a brave women. The lady who has never failed to pull herself back together in order to become the success she always knew she carried.

We are those women.

King Code is a creative agency for women in business and entrepreneurs. We are a community of creative women supporting female entrepreneurs through website development, website design, social media management and social media courses. We develop beautiful websites using a few different coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Jekyll just to name a few. King Code offers affordable hosting to the women who inspire; we want to be part of your dreams and creations.

Through various forms of digital art like photography and videography, we'll inspire you to create visually pleasing work (or we can just do that for you seeing that we're digital creators). At King Code, we offer our expertise to women who have become their own bosses through our social media course. We are all about connection, development and elegance.

Female entrepreneurs coding fast, secure and responsive websites. We are developers hosting visually pleasing websites and content creators who photograph the world.

Darling, you are an entrepreneur. Your website should be personalised, visually pleasing and captivating just like yourself.

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