Ultimate Content Creator Template

Developed by creators for creators. With must-have features like Conntect Tree (our version on Linkedtree but much better for SEO), a media kit page and multiple content blocks that you can reuse across your website, this template is everything the creator needs in 2023!

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Blog Add-on

Need a newletter sign up form? Ready to scale your Ultimate Content Creator Template and add a blog? Want to add Google Analytics to your website? Then this is what you need! No need to redo your entire website just to add a blog like you have to do with other web builders. Simply buy this blog add-on without affecting your current website and start blogging with this beautiful and clean blog.

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The X-plore Template

Designed for creators and small businesses, this template was built to support entrepreneurs during their first 2 years of business. This hybrid template has been designed for all device types with additional functionalities and images for tablet and mobile. The X-plore Template also comes with a hidden media kit page to support brand collaborations.

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IG Creator Academy Template

In partnership with Juan from IG Creator Academy, we developed this hybrid template for creators and small businesses to support social media growth and online business opportunities. Designed for all device types, the IG Creator Academy Template is super speedy, and comes with a hidden media kit page.

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Get Paid Template

Position yourself as a successful and high-paid content creator with our Get Paid Website template. Actually turn your hobby into a career in less than 30 mins with a professional website designed for content creators. This is the missing piece you need to land consecutive PAID brand deals. We guarantee that you will stand out with this website!

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The secret behind the hybrid (custom-coded) templates

The million dollar questions. How did we develop such futuristic templates? Firstly, it's to do with the coding. The hybrid templates have been coded from scrated for a specific user (entrepreneurs and content creators). Secondly, it's in the hosting. We're hosting your webites on the very same platform as Netflix microsites. This is groundbreaking for small businesses!

Hosting and pricing

You have three website hosting plans to choose from: Knight, Queen and King. All hosing plans includes a unique domain name (yourbrand.com), 1 year hosting, Wildcard SSL Certificate, access to our Content Management System (CMS) and troubleshooting. You can learn more about our hosting plans here.


What is a hybrid template?

A hybrid template is a combination of a custom-coded website and a regular template. Since all regular templates run extremely slowly and have a handful of security issues, we decided to take ONLY the good and necessary elements of a template and build it in the same way we build custom-coded websites.

Is a hybrid template faster than a WordPress Template?

Yes. The reason templates hosted on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc are so slow is due to all the additional code and extra features that come with those hosting platforms to make sure the template covers almost every single client. Although this sounds good in theory, the reality is that on average, you will only use 45% of those features on your site. This means your site is loading code that you aren't even using, and it also means that there is unnecessary script linked to unknown backend sources slowing down your website and making it easier to hack. A hybrid template is designed specifically for a single clienttell, therefore there are only feautures that you will NEED in your industry. This speeds up your website performance by more than 4 times. A hybrid template is also a lot easier to edit and is more user-friendly since the features available to you are only the ones you need. Since custom-code is at the core of our templates, you'll be able to scale your website very easily in the future as your business grows by adding other functionalities like a blog, shop or portfolio. You will also have access to additional features like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Instagram grid loader (loads your most recent IG photos), and any other feature you wish with NO plugin at all (just a small fee).

How do I access the media kit page on The X-plore Template?

If you'd like to take a look at the media kit page on The X-plore Template, you can simply click here. If you would like to learn how to edit The X-plore Template and all the pages with it alone with the media kit page, your can view the editing tutorial here.

How much does a hybrid template cost?

Each hybrid template is priced differently depending on the features and size of the website. Our King Code hybrid templates range from $150 to $1,000.

How much does website hosting cost per year?

King Code website hosting package costs $199 a year, and includes a list of awesome features. You can find out more about our website hosting plans here.

How do I edit my website?

Making updates to your webisite is super easy. With zero coding experience, you can upload new photos, update copywriting, blog, add pages, change your logo, add SEO and a whole lot more. For a tutorial on how to edit your King Code website, you can click here.

Can I add other features to my website?

Yes, at a small service fee, we can add any additional features to your website like Google Analytics, Google Ads, logins, hotel bookings, widgets and anything else you need.

How do I install additional fonts?

We do have a variety of great fonts already installed for you to choose from, however, if you have certain fonts that you would like to install, we will gladly support you with this. We do charge a small service fee of $20 for font installation, which is a lot cheaper than some of the plugins you'd have to buy on other platforms that also affect the speed of your website and would take a lot of your time to figure out how to go about it. So this is a great option for you!

What CMS is my site hosted on?

All King Code websites are hosted on CloudCannon which is actually the very same CMS that as Netflix microsites. It hosts the fastest sites on the web and is recommended by over 40,000 developers.

Using various coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, we create beautiful custom-coded websites that are fast to load and built using Jekyll. Our websites come with a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit your website without having to understand coding at all!

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