Get Paid Website Template

Clients will line up and beg to work with you… no matter your rate!

The number one factor that causes online businesses and entrepreneurs to lose out on HUGE deals is not having the tools to sell their products and services. The majority of online businesses succeeding in 2022 are businesses that have successful websites, and the businesses that are failing only use social media as their point of marketing and sales.

The Get Paid (custom-coded) template was designed specifically for online businesses. Built with the fastest code, we can guarantee that your website will score an A for performance on GTmetrix! All King Code websites are hosted on CloudCannon which is the very same platform as Netflix microsites. It hosts the fastest sites on the web and is recommended by over 40,000 developers. This is exactly the platform that you need to be on.

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What's included

Make a living doing what you love

Content Blocks

This template provides all necessary content blocks that can be duplicated, customized and used across multiple pages for you to successfully show off your brand and services.

  • Services/projects
  • Reviews
  • About
  • Contact form
  • Media kit
  • Hero image
  • Make a living doing what you love

    Media Kit

    Hidden media kit that will support you in landing your dream collaborations. No more sending pitches with PDF's that are likely to go to spam- this template will provide you with a neat link that directs to your media kit.

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