You have worked hard on creating a unique brand. Why would you settle for a website that looks like it got mass produced?

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Responsive Web Design

Google research states that 72% of people will use only their mobile to access the internet by 2025. We build websites designed to be responsive and have the same seamless user experience no matter what size of device, while remaining just as visually appealing.


We don't use generic themes— pre-made templates that are copied and pasted like everyone else's (which often slow your site down). You have worked hard on creating a unique brand. Why would you settle for a website that looks like it got mass produced? Have some pride in your brand.


Our clients' sites are secured by the "fort knox" of latest cutting-edge static-site generator technology; meaning that your site will not only load extremely fast, but is also unhackable with security that is guaranteed.


Your website will be custom-coded which is ideal for seamless user experience. Allowing flexibility for creative design, interactivity, brand-relevant animations and the ability to have control of the entire experience.

Shopify & E-commerce

We can add impactful ecommerce components to any website- digital downloads, blogs or even signups to your seminars. Custom building client's scalable online e-commerce stores with a high conversion rate on shopify is one of our fortes.

Hosting (CMS)

As a King Code client, your site will come custom-integrated with an easy-to-use CMS. Anything can be made customisable in the most user-friendly way possible. In other words, you will be able to maintain and update your own website with zero experience in coding making your site affordable to manage.


To strengthen your organic search reach and brand visibility, we use all the latest intel and current coding techniques to aid your site rank in Google searches. When building your site, we include SEO functionality, custom meta tags/titles, descriptions and keywords.

Visionary Thinking

We are storytellers who have learnt the art of web development. We're passionate about supporting business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers. We help tell their stories through beautifully written code.


Using various coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, we create beautiful custom-coded websites that are fast to load and built using Jekyll. Our websites come with a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit your website without having to understand coding at all!

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