Blog Add-On

Blog with powerful SEO Tools to back you up!

Not only is is super easy to blog, our blog add-on is powered by SEO tools to support you in expanding your online reach.

Buy this blog to add to any of your King Code templates and expand your growing online business with beautifully designed content blocks that can easily be edited accoring to your brand.

"I LOVE this template. I love it so much that I got it for both my businesses 😂 (CazFit and FitTogether). I'm not even a content creator (I'm a personal trainer), but the web builder is SOOOOO easy to use that I don't want to use anything else. Plus I can reach out to fitness brands too because of the media kit! Never thought I could do something like that! - Caroline Greef @caz_fit

What's included

Make a living doing what you love

Content Blocks

Our amazing Blog Add-On comes with 7 new content blocks specifically designed for content creators and bloggers. Each content block can also be used across your website!

  • Affiliate Marketing Block
  • Space Block
  • Blog Article
  • Embedd Google Maps
  • 3 Recent Blogs
  • Sign off your blogs with your signature
  • Make a living doing what you love


    Add scripts to your head! Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, newsletter scripts. You name it, you can have it! Also, you can add your newsletter sign up content block to every page on your website if you wish!

    This is a must-have for all bloggers, And it's so easy to use. Adding all necessary scripts has never been so easy.

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